Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 22

Living Lung

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 9.36.18 PMA superb FREE app that helps teachers showcase the internal workings of the human lungs. Users can modify the breaths per minute to see how this varies the lung volume. Use it with students learning anatomy, or during practical activities to help students visualise the acute responses they are experiencing.

Whack A Bone

The gamification of learning continues to excite me and this app is no exception. “The game is designed to draw beginners into the curious and fascinating world of anatomy, guiding them toward a commanding recall of the major bones of the human body”.

BasketballPE & SoccerPE

Two excellent resource apps made by PE Teacher Nicholas Stratigopz. Each app features over 100 games and activities to help students learn concepts, skills and strategies within both respective sports. Check out the video below highlighting the many features BasketballPE app.

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An incredibly diverse iPhone/iPad app that makes it easy to annotate and markup anything you like. Use shapes, arrows, sketches and text annotation to get your point across fast. Mark up photos, screenshots, maps, and webpages then share them with anyone you like. A brilliant FREE addition to the PE practical classroom. Use Skitch to;

  • Annotate skill performance and tactics within game play
  • Showcase player position understanding of rules and playing areas

Powers of Minus 10

In this version of POMT, zoom into human bones, see how broken bones heal, and investigate some of the cool and weird cells found in the middle of our most sturdy organs. Another useful tool for exploring a wide variety of theoretical concepts in the PE or Health Classrooms.

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14 thoughts on “Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 22”

  1. Alexandria Higdon

    These look like wonderful apps. I would have loved to use some of these when I took Anatomy and Physiology! I am planning on getting Whack A Bone just to refresh my memory of the bones.

  2. Apps like this are awesome! They are a good way to use today’s technology for a way of teaching. This is a really cool app and I will more than likely be looking into it to use when I teach.

  3. Thank you for always updating new apps for physical educators. This is the future of physical education and we need quality apps to increase student learning within our classroom. Additionally, this will be very helpful when our school district migrates towards 1:1 with students having individual IPADs.

  4. Thanks for your comment. Im certainly excited by the possibilities that are present within contemporary PE. We are truly just getting started with whats possible.

  5. I like to say thanks too 🙂 You really help beginners!
    Maybe you know a good Apps for making groups and notes? I mean like namelists and is students present or not.

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