The #pegeeks collaborative presentation

Last year I blogged about a collaborative Google Docs presentation that has been designed as a way for teachers all over the world to add their ideas for the inclusion of technology within the PE curriculum. The presentation can then be used for professional development purposes or as a showcase within your community. The presentation is also licensed under a creative commons license meaning that users are able to use/edit and modify the presentation as long as they credit the original authors. Considering that there is not one single author, everyone who adds an idea must be attributed for their work.

This crowdsourcing model of presentation development has proven incredibly popular in the past thanks to Tom Barrett and the Interesting Ways presentations, ultimately changing the way people share their ideas. I felt this same approach could work well with the ever growing mix of PE teachers who are interested in utilising emerging technology in their practice.

So heres how it works… Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 8.29.44 PM

1) Access the presentation here

2) Add your idea/s to the presentation no matter how simple or complex. You can also add your  twitter or personal details so that others can attribute your ideas to you.

3) Share the presentation with as many people as you like.

4) All contributions received by 31/12/2012 will go into the draw to win an iPod Shuffle


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