Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 19

TouchStat Highlight

This exceptional app enables you to produce a highlight video with only the footage you desire. Simply start recording and point the app towards your action. When you see something exciting during game play simply tap anywhere on the screen to record the footage a couple of seconds either side of your tap. Continue this process as you desire and when you stop the recording the highlight reel will seamlessly fuse together.



A superb free app offering intuitive frame by frame playback. Slide your finger on the screen to control the action and pinpoint the exact moment your after. A great tool for skill development and performance review.

Pair Player

A simple yet powerful side by side video analysis tool. Easily compare the performance of your students and an elite performer. Use an app such as Video Downloader to download elite footage to your device before importing to the Pair Player app.


“RaceSplitter is the “do it yourself” solution for race timing — providing coaches with accurate split times, lap times and standings during the race, and organizers with a powerful alternative to chip-timing.” This app is truly extroadinary and will become a major player in our schools annual cross country event.

Check out the video below to see the app in action

[vimeo w=400&h=300]
TGfu Games for Elementary PE

This handy little app created by GraciousWolf_PE is a great resource for PE Teachers looking to employ the TGfU model within their teaching.  Featuring the instructions for over 200+ games designed to facilitate understanding within the TGfU categories. With more an more teachers moving away form the traditional model of PE instruction this app becomes a great tool for facilitating change.

Dartfish Express

Dartfish have been involved in Video Analysis for years, making this entry to the mobile market somewhat expected. The app combines some of the popular features present on other mobile analysis platforms. Where the app really shines is its integration with their own video hosting website

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