Run-Lap-Tap for iPad – The Stopwatch on Steroids

After our athletic sports in 2011 and idea occurred to me for a simple iPad application that would enable a coach to track the metrics of more than one runner in repeated lap racing activities. Essentially the app would enable a coach to easily identify important elements such as split times, average speed, pace and much more at the push of a button.

Anyway after quite sometime I finally got around to the developing the idea and at present it can be used to track up to 12 runners and can even be used to conduct handicapped races. Watch the video below to find out why “Run-Lap-Tap” is being considered the “Stopwatch on Steroids”.

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Would you like to see an iPhone/iPod Touch version?

5 thoughts on “Run-Lap-Tap for iPad – The Stopwatch on Steroids”

  1. Love this app, but I wish you could time more than 12 runners at a time. Also wish you you set up folders to match class periods.

  2. Fantastic, thanks for letting me know. Keep up the great work.

    Tracy (from Springfield, Missouri)

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