Top Apps for PE Teachers – Part 18


Designed for PE Teachers and Coaches, this iPad app enables the tracking of up to 12 runners times and other vital statistics. Start by entering in the lap length and the number of laps your runners are to complete. Users can then choose to start all runners off at once or nominated and use a “start delay” value for handicapped races/training. As the runners complete a lap simply tap their name, to update the lap splits, speed, pace and much more for that runner. At completion of the race, you can email the results or archive them inside the app for review.

Cardiio Touchless Camera

The best Heart Rate app I have come across. No need to touch the device, simply hold the front facing camera towards your face to complete the HR check. The app tracks capillary refill in your face to determine the HR response. Essentially as blood flows into capillaries your face becomes slightly brighter, and as the blood leaves the capillaries it becomes a more dull red colour. This can then be translated into a Heart Rate with astounding level of accuracy. Multiple uses in a PE classroom

Coopers Test and Cooper Test HD

A great app that enables the user to complete the class 12 Minute Run fitness test by simply placing the device in their pocket and running. There is also the Multi User mode. In this mode you can test up to 5 athletes simultaneously. Each time the athlete completes a lap of the track, you press the runners name to accumulate distances. The app then uses to the average speed of the runner to calculate predicted distance, while updating accurately when they cross the lap. The HD version enables the simultaneous tracking of up to 20 runners.

Fit Deck Basketball

A super collection of challenge based Basketball Skill cards. Students can sort through the cards, which outline the skill and the target to complete various levels of difficulty. A great way to move students towards a more student centred, self paced environment within practical activities.

Finish Line Photos

A great little app that combines a digital stopwatch with the digital camera. Simply use the app to snap a photo as athletes cross the finishing line. The app will overlay the finishing time with the finishing photo, creating a unique record of the race results. A perfect addition to cross country or athletic events.

Easy Assessment

This wildly popular app has been completely redesigned based on your feedback. With over 20,000 downloads in the last 6 months, it sure has become a great way to capture and assess physical skills within PE. Users can now setup and import class lists and rubrics for enhanced data entry. For those of you who already have the original version of the app, you can update for free on your device by visiting the app store app .

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