Top “Apps” for PE Teachers – Part 16

BaM Video Delay

The most exceptional video feedback app I have seen on an iOS device. With this app you can simultaneously record and display delayed video. This means that a PE Teacher can have the app pointed towards any sort of discrete skill and after the skill has been completed the performer has adequate time to return to the screen to see their skill in action. Where this app takes it to the next level is its ability to allow a grid of 4 different video delay timers effectively creating 4 opportunities to view your performance (See the picture below). The user can then specify a different delay time for each grid and dynamically altering the delay by swiping up or down with their finger on the grid.

This app is a must have for PE Teachers and sports coaches who are keen to take performance analysis to the next level. Use it in gymnastics, dance, track and field or during skill development. The possibilities are endless

Easy Portfolio

The app designed for PE Teachers to effectively capture skill development and sports skill portfolios in a flash. Simply setup portfolios for your students and throughout the semester, capture them in action in a variety of ways. You can then share portfolios to Dropbox via Email or showcase them from within the app. A perfect tool for assessment and discussion prompts within parent teacher interviews.


A useful free tool that enables you to test the rebound height of different balls to determine if they meet the specified requirements. Teachers and students can use this to test how varied pressure and surfaces impact on the rebound height and the subsequent co-efficient of restitution making it a perfect tool for exploring Biomechanics principles.

Fast Camera

Capture up to 800 pictures a minute with this app making it perfect for highlighting or emphasising points of interest during skill development. Never miss that perfect image again.


Use the following apps and their associated websites to build a geolocation based game that involves real destinations, challenges and rewards. Build an activity that involves extensive physical activity and associated fitness challenges. To check out SCVNGR in action, you can view the video on their home page here

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