Top ‘Apps’ for PE Teachers – Part 14


What do you get when you combine social networking with fitness? An amazingly supportive app that builds a rich environment for real behaviour change. Use this in the classroom to inspire healthy competition amongst classes and friends as they race to earn the post points

Make My Groups

As the name suggests a great app to take the stress out of placing students into teams. Allows import of names via Dropbox ans saving/exporting of group lists. Use it to organise spontaneous team activities

G.A.P.S – Sports Coaching

A collection of over 1750 high quality coaching resources for a variety of sports. Use it to cut down on planning and preparation. Give the app to students and have them run a peer teach or coaching session.

Swimming Games

Developed after a summer teaching swimming and water safety to a group of younger students. Features over 50 games for swimmers of all abilities with the emphasis on fun in the water.


A superb heart rate app that allows users to measure HR data including time to recovery following exercise. Keep a record of your HR in the history and discuss how results vary from day to day and as a result of training


Developed to support the sudden influx of QR Codes appearing in the PE classroom. The app enables students or teachers to swiftly scan a code and link to online information, making it as the name suggests ‘A Super Fast Code Scanner’.

Kinesio Capture or Kinesio Lite

A high end video analysis package that enables users to conduct incredible motion analysis on performance. Users can complete side by side analysis, annotations, frame by frame and video layering. Use the apple camera adapter to import pictures taken with a digital camera direct tot the app.

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