Top ‘Apps’ For PE Teachers – Part 13

PE Games

The premier app for PE Teachers,allowing you to sort through and discover minor games for use in your practical sessions. You can even add your own games and game categories to build an enormous mobile library.

Video Coach

Another highly useful video analysis tool for coaches and PE Teachers on the go. Use the built in pen and drawing tools to emphasise aspects of a given performance during review and send them via email or save to the camera roll. One of the coolest features is the ability to send a video direct to another iOS device via Wifi.


Snapguide is a free tool that allows you to create step by step guides for whatever you like. With this app it is a breeze to add text, photos and even videos to the guide. Phys Ed classes could easily use this to build up step by step guides to sporting skills, game situations and much more. You can even share the finished guides via your favourite social networks.

Video Pix

This great app is allows you to capture frame by frame images of sports activities and then play them back in either slow of faster than normal speeds. A perfect addition to any skill development activities or video analysis/instant feedback task.


A free video analysis app that allows users to easily explore skills on the go. Comes in either an iPhone or iPad app, with the later providing the ability to conduct side by side analysis with syncing. Something I have really wanted to see in an app.

Great Coach AFL

If your an Australian Rules coach you absolutely must get this app for your iPad. Not only can you setup your teams, but you can gather statistics to strengthen your coaching. Full match reports can be emailed as soon as the game completes. A wonderfully useful app.

AFIT for iPad

This great little free iPad app, allows students to track and record their physical activity and nutrition via an engaging interface. Provides many opportunities to discuss hydration, physical activity guidelines and many other health related areas.

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