The QR Code Assassin Game

A number of years ago at a conference I spoke about a game concept that utilised QR Codes and Smart Phones to facilitate a fun activity that centred around exercise, teamwork, strategy and technology. The basic idea is simple.

Each user creates a QR Code that prompts a text message to their phone. They wear the QR Code on their back and aim to avoid it being secretly scanned by the enemy. Once the enemy scan the QR Code, they will be prompted to send a text message to your number, ultimately sealing your elimination from the game.

You can follow the steps below to make this game a reality

1) Visit and choose the SMS option. Users then enter their mobile number along with a unique text message. This will ensure that your enemy actually has to scan the QR code on your back to eliminate you.

2) Once your QR Code has been generated, you can download it and place it on the back of a t-shirt.

3) Once the QR codes are setup, players can download a free scanner application like RedLaser for iPhone or QR Droid for Android and the game is ready to begin.

Depending on what the intent of the game is, teachers might choose to incorporate different rules to bring about a variety of learning outcomes. These could include;

  • Increasing the size of the playing area to increase physical activity
  • Decreasing the size of the playing area to increase tactics
  • Creating different roles within teams such as medics, who cannot eliminate players but revive them by scanning a designated QR Code within the battlefield
  • Incorporating base stations or medical stations, each of which contain QR Codes that prompt text messages to the opposition or teachers. This could be used in replace of QR coded t-shirts.

With term 2 fast approaching, I would love to make this game a reality in my classes as a way to measure teamwork and collaboration. Do you think this would work? What else could you add to the game to increase activity and other learning outcomes?

4 thoughts on “The QR Code Assassin Game”

  1. How do they ‘catch’ the person to scan them (use pop tags or belt tags?) Pull a tag and then they must stand still to scan?
    You could also have bunkers with mats set up for surprise attacks and for regrouping during the game.

    You could also change the code system from SMS.
    You could then make up a set of generic bibs with the codes permanently velcroed or stuck on the back. So rather than set it up with the student phone numbers you can set it up with any commands you like. You could have some more fitness codes like, “you are wounded, you must go to base for 30 secs to seek medical attention”, or “drop and do 5 push ups to free yourself” or “one life” to use if captured, or “go to jail” to use with a jail area (change the game to more like capture the flag.)
    Gosh there are a lot of ways to do it.

  2. Your spot on Alison, this can be done a myriad of ways depending on the learning outcomes you wanted to achieve.

  3. Hey Jarrod,
    Now that you have your own QR reader maybe you should go back through your QR Code blog entries and replace mention of QR readers with your own?
    Just a thought.
    Because I’m sure you have so much time on your hands, it’s not like you’re busy revolutionizing the way we teach PE or anything.

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