QReader – Super Fast QR Code Scanning App

Today the QReader app hit the app store with a no fuss approach towards QR Code scanning making the app perfect for use in situations where speed is a priority. With the education worlds jumping on board the QR Code journey, this app should prove useful in countless mobile learning situations. Grab it here

For a comprehensive list of ways to use QR Codes in the classroom check out the following resources

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1 thought on “QReader – Super Fast QR Code Scanning App”

  1. Mobile Barcoder add on for Firefox.

    This app makes it easy to generate a QR code for any page URL, any link on the web page, and/or any selected text on the page. *This functionality should be included in all browsers.

    You can run a portable version of Firefox from a USB stick. That way, you could install any special apps to the flash drive, and have a personalized browser to plug into any PC or presentation podium so that you could push your QR codes to your class or audience from the projected browser image.


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