Top ‘Apps’ for PE Teachers – Part 11


Zombies, Run

Every now and then an app comes along that totally breaks new ground. Introducing Zombies, Run an awesome running adventure that takes place in a zombie infested world. How does it work? Users simply place their headphones in and commence running. The app will take you on a wild ride as “Runner 5”, who seeks to help build the ‘Abel Township’.

The app uses the internal GPS to simulate zombies chasing you at different moments throughout the mission. As you speed up, you escape the, slow down and your gone. Ultimately what we have is a new age twist on interval training with a really exciting story telling component added  in. Check the video of the app in action here

Chronology Timer

A great stopwatch app that allows for multiple timers to be ran at the same time. It works in both countdown and count up modes. Really useful for cross country events or situations where one person is required to time multiple things.  Also comes in a free version.

Virtual Heart (iPad)

This FREE iPad allows users to see inside of a model heart as they change the Heart Rate from resting right through to max. It then allows users to label key components or explore elements such as blood flow, right through to valves/electrical impulses. Will be using this in class to help visualise the concepts of acute responses to exercise. For example, have students complete a step test and determine their HR, then use the app to show them what their heart actually looks like at that exercise load. Grab it here


Use this app to have your music guide you through interval training sessions. Simply set the rest and work lengths along with the number of sets and have the music on your device tell you when its time to work and rest. Users can choose from 3 ways to be informed of a change in interval;

  • Change volume at rest (Music gets quieter) and resumes at work
  • Pause music at rest, resume at work
  • Receive a bell at rest with music continuing play

CoachPad (iPad)

A brilliant app that can be used by coaches to organise teams and develop team tactics and strategies. The app allows any sports ground to be added by image import, meaning that even the most obscure sports can be used. This is a must have in any Games Sense based classroom.

Breathing Zone

This groovy well styled app is perfect for guiding the users through deep breathing exercises that promote relaxation. In a PE or sports science class this app can be used to teach theoretical components such as, mental rehearsal, imagery or other sports psych  theory.

Body Age

This simple app guides users through a series of fitness tests covering all key fitness components with the idea of eventually providing you with an overall body age. A great way to explore or introduce senior students to the concepts of fitness testing, protocols, chronic adaptations and fitness components. I really recommend checking out the rest of Simon Taylors other apps perfect for the PE Teacher here.

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17 thoughts on “Top ‘Apps’ for PE Teachers – Part 11”

  1. So I just downloaded Zombie, Run! and did a quick run through my town and I must say that added a whole new level to my exercise. I got some crazy looks but, boy was it fun! I am downloading your PE Apps App right now. Hopefully I will be able to use this in the coming days. Seeing what you are doing with technology in the physical education classroom makes me not want to wait to get in the classroom.

  2. Wow! I never knew technology could be used in many ways. I find these apps amazing. The zobie run really stood out to me-you are playing a game while exersizing. Whats better than getting a great workout while having fun.-Akeem

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