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In the past year I have received numerous emails asking the best and easiest way to go about designing ‘apps’ for classes etc. The question varies depending on what type of functionality they desire, however for anyone looking to build an app that links together content from multiple web sources such as RSS Feeds, YouTube videos, twitter accounts etc then I am recommending two tools to get this done in a matter of minutes.

1) Web Apps – The benefit of building a web app is the fact that they are designed for multiple devices, meaning that anyone with internet access can access the app by simply visiting the URL while on their device. They also offer some of the basic features of native apps with an increased level of flexibility. For a step by step video guide to building your own app and making it accessible in a matter of minutes, check out the video below


To see the web app developed in the video above in action, scan the QR Code below or visit the following link on your mobile device

2) Native iOS/Android and Windows Phone Apps – If your craving a little more flexibility in your apps and would prefer to follow the official route in terms of submission to the app store and android market, then you might be interested in the “The App Builder”. Check out the step by step video to building an app below.


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  1. Wow! thanks, your explanations are so clear. Your work is inspiring no excuses for any of us now. :))

  2. Thanks for the post! Been using iBuildApp but always tried to build ‘native iPhone/iPad apps. Obviously could not post to AppStore without paying a fee.

    However, thanks to this post I have found out that WebApps work in a similar way, are free and work across all mobile platforms.

    Within hours of reading your post, I have designed and finished a Duke of Edinburgh Award WebApp. Here she is:

    Cannot wait to share with students. Thanks!

  3. Once again, another inspirational post.
    We are on Spring Break next week and this will be a fun project to work on.
    What percentage of your kids use the app?

  4. Your welcome, to be honest only a small majority of them do. Most of them use the equivalent native iPhone and Android versions which are used by students throughout the state completing the same course. So far they have both gathered over 5000 downloads, whereas the web app has a little over 300 views. However if the web app was the only option I provided it would be used by the majority.

  5. Thanks Mr Robbo! What a great post. I always thought creating an app was complicated and out of my reach. Now I’m excited about having a go at creating one. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  6. What a great post! I always thought creating a mobile app was too complicated and out of my reach. Now I’m excited about giving it a go myself. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  7. Thanks for all of these pointers. I’m starting to develop a couple of apps on my own after working with an agency for several years. I’m reading Chad Mureta’s new book App Empire. He’s a highly-successful developer who built a multi-million dollar business after he couldn’t do long hours at the keyboard after an accident. He’s proven time and again how to take great ideas and market them in the app form. App Empire offers the secrets to building wealth by designing, creating and marketing successful apps across any platform—iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Check it out if you’re looking for more advice and ideas.

  8. Mentioned @ #TMHills and really like your explanation and demo in 1st vid. to create the app. Thanks

  9. Hi Robbo,

    I am marketing for an educational tour company based in Cairns, and I was wondering if the photo function on the app you created means that when students take a photo, it will upload to a specific facebook page such as a trip page or our facebook page.

    Even better would be to be able to send it simultaneously to there own facebook page while also adding all students pics to the other facebook page.

    Pete Pritchard
    Small WOrld Journeys

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