Cardiograph is a super high quality app that tracks your heart rate via your devices camera. The best feature about this app is the capacity to create multiple profiles, making it perfect for a class full of students. Also if your running iOS 5 and using iCloud then all of your measurements will be synced to all of your devices instantly. A must have app. Also available for android

Workout Trainer

An awesome app that puts a personal trainer in your pocket. Contains 1000s of individualised training programs based on your level. Pair it with an Apple TV  unit (see pic to left) to share the trainer with your entire class.

Easy Assessment

The app all Teachers should have for ensuring that they are gathering evidence behind their judgements of students skill levels. Simply use the app to develop simple slide rubrics and then capture video and images of students performing skills to assist with you evaluation. All results can then be emailed or synced with the videos/images to a dropbox account. Check out the demo of it in action here. Also coming soon to android.


GymPact is a groovy app that allows users to make a pledge about how often they want to exercise and the penalty they are prepared to be pay if they fail to meet their goal. The user then “checks in” to the gym on arrival and the app goes to work tracking the users location for to ensure they stay at the gym. If the user meets their goals for the week, they can earn cash rewards, otherwise if they don’t meet their goals their credit card is debited based on the pledge they made at the beginning.


Turn your iPhone/iPad/iPod into a digital thermometer with this app and a set of probes. The works between a range of  -30c  to 150c. This would prove to be a useful addition when studying how body temperature rises when exercise commences, which can then lead to discussions about energy metabolism and recovery strategies.

Exergaming finally hits the iPhone/iPad with these cool games that uses head tracking by the devices front facing camera to control the action on your screen. Used in conjunction with an exercise bike/elliptical/treadmill the basic premise is that the faster you move, the greater movements of your machine which the app tracks and therefore the faster your move the action in the game. Heaps of fun. Check out the promo video here

Sports Injury Clinic

A great little app with over 100 sports injuries along with treatment. Perfect for studying sports rehab and injury prevention subject areas.

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