It’s Now Possible – eBook

Last year I discovered a truly magnificent website that allows anyone to publish there own books, which I put to good use last year to create “100+ Ways to Use Technology in Physical Education. So with almost a year since the last release, I thought now would be a good time to put out a second eBook of a similar style.

The Book which is titled “It’s Now Possible – Emerging Technologies & Physical Education‘, discusses a variety of cool tools and ways to integrate tech into the PE classroom. Chapters from the eBook are 1500 words each, different to articles from the blog and are identified below;

  1. Why Use Technology in Physical Education
  2. Using Social Networking to Get Kids Active and Healthy
  3. Measuring Fitness & Physical Activity
  4. Collecting Data from the Field
  5. Reclaiming Physical Activity Time
  6. Video Games in Physical Education
  7. Cell Phones in Physical Education
  8. GPS in Physical Education
  9. Digital Video in Physical Education
  10. Apps to Get You Moving – Part i, Part ii & Part iii

Grab it at the iTunes store here

Grab it on Lulu here (use the code LULUBOOKAU305 when purchasing to grab a 25% discount)

Grab it for Kindle here

Grab it for Nook here

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