Android Apps in PE

In recent months I have taken an interest in Android devices and as a result have purchased an Android phone strictly for development purposes and for testing apps. Considering that over 3.7 million Android devices were activated over the Xmas weekend, Android is clearly the mobile operating system with the greatest market share. With this in mind I thought I would share my top apps for Android. 

SportsTracker Pro

This app has got to be the best tracking app I have ever come across. It not only allows the user to track their speed, distance, time, altitude etc via the GPS, but with additional hardware you can track your heart and breathing rates as well as your skin temperature. The best thing about this is the fact that a performer can be tracked live opening up a world of possibilities in the classroom.

Sports Rules

Developed with PE Teachers in mind this app contains the essential rules of 18 popular sports for swift reference. More sports will be added in time making this app the one stop shop for teachers prior to introducing a new sport.

Multi Reps

A great little app that guides you through a training program in pursuit of your ultimate goal. Users can pick either push-ups, situps, dips, squats, pull-ups or enter their own exercises. A great addition to circuit training and teaching students about concepts such as fixed load, individual load etc.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Another sports tracking app that integrates well with social networks allowing you to challenge friends. Available in both free and pro versions.

Instant Heart Rate

From Azumio inc the makers of the best heart rate apps, comes this fantastic one which uses the devices camera to track heart rate. Works best in well lit areas or with devices that have a flash. Tracks the tiny colour changes that occur as a result of capillary refill.

Beep Test

Conduct the classic Multistage Fitness Test with your Android device. The app can keep track of multiple runners and also predict a V02 max on completion.

Sparticus Workout

The workout made famous by the movie 300 is now available as an app. A great app to assist with teaching around training and physiological responses to exercise (hypertrophy etc) See the demo here

Accupedo- Pro Pedometer

A superb pedometer app that employs a powerful algorithm to count the steps you take ignoring any movement that isn’t walking based. A great app to discuss the behavioural factors that effect physical activity. Teachers could use it to have students compare and contrast how your place of residence and workplace effect your activity throughout the day.

Workout Trainer

A really high quality workout app that guides your through workouts with audio and video cues. A great app to discuss how a training program should be developed and implemented.

Ease into 5K

The famous app that guides the hardiest couch potato to a complete 5km run. Users can then step up to the next level by completing the Ease into 10k app.

So there are some of the apps that I’m currently playing with and finding useful. However being a relative newbie to the world of Android apps, I would love to hear what others consider their best apps. Leave a comment below and I will be sure to include them in next blog post and the soon to be released “PE Apps” App – Android version.

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