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As you will all be aware I have a major interest, some might say obsession with mobile applications. However one thing that has been lacking is an app that could replace/improve the assessment process that I currently use with my students. In order for an app to be a viable replacement, It would need to not only replicate what is possible using more traditional methods, but it should make the once impossible, possible and it should do it in a simple straight forward manner.

Well that was my intention behind the development of the Easy Assessment app, which I am happy to say was released on the iTunes store over the weekend. Not only does it allow for easy development of rubrics for assessment, but it makes use of the camera so that teachers can capture learning and make their subsequent assessments.

Download Easy Assessment from the iTunes Store

Top features within the app include the capacity to sync all assessment data including a spreadsheet of results, videos and photos to your  personal Dropbox.com account. Truly making it a breeze to backup and record evidence of learning.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea and something that I certainly wishes I had in my classrooms. I have been recently exploring the possibility of developing an app that would allow teachers to engage in reflective practice from the ease of…well anywhere. Maybe a video blog, or a voice recording or some photos of a lesson and some written annotation. Sort of a self-assessment which seems to mirror much of what you have done here.

  2. Thanks for the comment mate. I’m certainly happy with how its turned out, the original idea was to be able to capture PE Skills, however it has scope for any assessment. I was thinking the other day how an english teacher could record a oral presentation, or an art teacher could have a student explain a poster or art piece.

    I like your idea and its similar to what I plan to do in an app soon. I want to tackle learning portfolios from a student perspective. The app could be broadened and called ‘ILearn’ and allow students to record video, images, sounds notes etc about what they do in class.

  3. Gidday mate, have purchased the app for my use and hope to encourage uptake once back at school. Having an issue where I enter my rubrics in an order I want them to appear, but when they are associated with an assessment they are rearranged. There does not seem to be a logic to the process, have dummy runs of just letters or numbers and it is not alphabetical or Numerical. I have 12 criteria I want to rate for each assessment, and having them not in the order they are on the criteria sheet does inhibit functionality of this app.

    Hopefully an update can fix this.


  4. Thanks mate, to be honest I hadn’t even realized it was doing this. Will fix it in an update no probs at all.

  5. We are looking at using this in our PE dept. We were wondering if you were looking at a way we could import our class lists into the app. We have 420 students and 6 teachers. It would help. Thanks

  6. This is a great app for quick assessments. I’ve been using it with Key Stage 3 in the UK. A great time saver too.

  7. Love the idea of being able to take images- in creative arts subjects we need to accumulate work samples to justify our assessment practices. However, the rubrics appear to be all numerical? High school assessment 7-10 is often grade or text scaled and even though we lament the demise of the School Certificate in NSW (;p) the A-E grading scale is going to be with us well into the age of the National Curriculum.
    Unfortunately this is a deal breaker as only HSC and preliminary course students are assessed numerically.

  8. I don’t see “select all” when picking my students, I don’t want to have to check all the names each time. I would also like to see all the names listed at one time.

  9. Just downloaded this on my Dads ipad and it is just what I am looking for! Only problem is I use android, any chance its coming soon?!

  10. An android app is in the pipeline, however expect towards the middle of the year given the lengthy development time and my lack of android programming experience

  11. Hi, it seems like a nice app, one question though, does it calculate averages between different assesments in a subject. For example, English subject, assesments for reading, listening, writing and speaking (each with its rubrics), does your app come up with a grade for English? (calculating the average of the four skills).

    Thanks for your help.


  12. This app looks great and I love the simplicity. I work in vocational training and can see its potential applications in this environment especially for field based experience.

    I think an import function would be helpful for both students and criteria. Also, a matrix view that would let you see and mark all students and criteria at once.

    I’ll definitely be checking this one out for our RTO!

  13. Jerrod, I need help setting up my csv spreadsheet that includes all my students and which class they are in. I don’t want to type them n manually. I would Ike to sync with Dropbox. Is there a video or instructions anywhere that can walk me through it?

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