The “PE Apps” App

This year the rise of mobile applications has seen a plethora of amazing physical educators begin to utilise ‘apps’ in their classes in a myriad of ways. However one of the biggest problems with searching the app store,  is that it can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With this in mind, I thought PE Teachers would appreciate an app that seeks to put all of the best apps in the one spot.

Introducing the “PE Apps” app. A one stop shop for PE teachers to discover the best apps for use in the classroom. Simply select the category of app you are after to find a heap of great apps, each of which including suggestions for classroom use. Like the sound of an app? Then hit the button to be taken to the app store for quick download.

So go ahead and grab the app and discover the amazing potential of mobile learning in the PE classroom. The greatest thing about the app is the capacity for new content to be added as often as needed. Meaning that as new apps are discovered, users will quickly know about them.


Grab it here and feel free to suggest apps and classroom ideas from the ‘suggest an app’ section.

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