With my recent fixation on mobile applications, I thought it would be worthwhile refocusing some attention to sharing the web2.0 tools I have used in classes recently. Here is my 20/20 presentation. 20 tools, 20 slides, 20 seconds a slide – no script. This could get messy….

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So what are you favourite tools?

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  1. Hi Jarrod,

    Once again, a wicked post, so thanks for all the tips.

    One question (with parts) – I really want to start using Skype in the classroom more – did you already have links to any of the professionals you skyped? If not, how did you go about contacting them? Did you get many knockbacks? Were you able to skype whilst in the classroom? Or did you somehow record the conversation for playback at a later date?


  2. James, no real proven way besides emailing to establish a link. Had plenty of knock backs in the past such as al gore, lance Armstrong etc but hey start big and you never know. Have used both live in the classroom sessions and recorded. Live is best given the interaction that can occur

    All I suggest is email ahead of time and offer to ring landlines via Skype if they prefer.

    5minutes of their time can equate life long leaning for students

  3. You included most of my favorites. Dropbox! VoiceThread now has an iPad app that works really well. I use JING for my short (5 min.) narrated screen captures. It also works well for the kind of presentation you gave above. I like Prezi. Can import multi-page PDFs, so could have a repeating overview, but icons “For More Info” that allow students to stop the automated presentation, and read for more detail. WordPress also posts to blog via email. If students can type fast enough to take notes, could use the email to post them in almost real-time. *WP also offers a free post via phone call. You could record a session, and then go back later to add pix or text.

    Not sure if your student are allowed (or encouraged) to bring their smart phones to class. I like “Mobile Barcoder” for the Firefox browser. It will automatically generate a QR image for the page URL, any link on the page, or text you select on a page. If you’re able to project this, it makes it easy to share with students via QR.

  4. Very cool. Almost too much, but lots to consider.

    General comment: I find some tools (like Prezi) adventures in entertainment. Don’t you ever feel like there are programs that just become a fad and don’t teach real skills? I’d rather have a kid learn Final Cut Pro, Photoshop (or other equivalents).

    I have used Ning.com as a social networking tool. In Canada a textbook producer will pay for our subscription. But again, there is varying levels of buy-in because it isn’t Facebook.

    Google docs: finding more and more ways to incorporate it. I even used it as the main tool for Ski Club registration.

    Great Post.

  5. Thanks for your comment,very thought provoking indeed.

    I tend to disagree with the ‘real skills’. What is a real skill. How are skills in photoshop or final cut pro anymore real than skills in prezi? The fact is they are the same as it depends entirely on the situation the software is being used for.

    Thanks for your post

  6. Hi Jarrod!

    I am an education major at the University of South Alabama. I found this slideshow to be quite helpful especially being a new learner in the education world. One tool I was introduced to in this slide was edmodo, I love the fact that you can build a social classroom. I also discovered that you can have social conversations with your students, and at the same time the student’s parents can participate in what their child is learning. Another tool I believe would be a fun activity or project for student’s would be Wordle! I would have my students drop down on a document some descriptive words from the short story we read in the class. Thank you for this amazing post, I will be able to use some of these tools once I began to teach!


    Hillary Hamlin

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