Collabracam –  This is an absolute incredible app perfect for any class, including PE. Collabracam allows you to link up to four iPhone, iPod or iPad cameras streaming to a fifth device in real time over the local wifi. The fifth device is considered the director and has the capacity to switch between all video feeds and record the footage coming from each.  Imagine a group of students in a PE class filming a match from different angles, with a director switching between the feeds to record an amazing professional quality video .

SpeedClock – A fantastic app that allows users to record the speed of anything. Simply set the distance between you and the object you wish to record and the speed is displayed. There are also a few other tools which can be helpful for a host of situations.

Sports Rules – An app for PE teachers who desire quick reference of rules in over 17 popular sports. More sports will be added making this a one stop shop for busy teachers. Give it to your students and have them quickly review rules before giving them the umpiring role.

Knots Guide – A simple app containing reference of over 92 knots. Especially great for outdoor ed teachers.

Nike Boom – This app lets you use your own music to help guide your workouts. Within it you can set your workout time, rest time and number of sets. Another one of the cool features is the ability to have the app post to Facebook . Once this is done, anyone who ‘likes’ or comments on the posts during the exercise period sends an audible encouragement known as a ‘boom’ to those completing the workout. Great app to co-ordinate circuit training or warmups.

Show Me – This free app allows users to record the drawings they make on their screen while completing a narration. Perfect little tool for students to share their understanding of game strategies. This app has amazing potential in all subjects, with the capacity for the recordings to be shared via the Show Me website

CoachBuddy – An incredible app that allows for statistical recording of sports performance during soccer matches. Allows you to get information on your distance travelled, number of passes, direction of passes, scattermaps etc. Great tool for senior PE data analysis sessions.

QuickVoice Recorder – A great free app for recording voice memos during practical activity. Teachers could use it to take audio notes on student skill development. Students could use it to record observations during sport and link these to theoretical concepts.  The possibilities are endless and it is much much faster than handwriting or typing into the device.

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