Time Lapsed PE

While teaching PE today, I utilised the incredible and free iMotion HD app for iPod/iPhone/iPad. The app is perfect for producing time lapse or stop motion videos. Today the iPad was set to capture a photo every 5 seconds throughout the entire 80 minute session. The final result was indeed very cool, and reinforced my opinion that movement and physical activity is our number one priority. Check out the video below.

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So what does your Time Lapsed class look like?

4 thoughts on “Time Lapsed PE”

  1. The application of iMotion HD in a theoretical class is incredible. We recently used it in year 12 Physical Education to explain the process of energy production using stop motion techniques and a whiteboard.

    The possibilities are endless, only barrier is our imaginations

  2. What a great way to use iMotion HD! You can definitely tell by the video that movement and physical activity is your number one priority. My creative juices are flowing, thinking of how I will be able to use this for activities in my classroom as well.

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