Teaching and Learning from China

Wow, what a week that was. The learning2.0 conference in Shanghai proved to be a truly unique experience. Not only was I lucky enough to lead the PE and Health Cohort with a group of fantastic teachers, but I was able to share a week bouncing around ideas with the best educators in the world.

The conference works a little different to most in that my job really wasn’t to present content , but to provide sparks or opportunities for those within the cohort to explore and discuss pedagogy and best practice. The best sessions I had with my cohort group were those in which I had a very limited role.

While away I also had the opportunity to teach my senior VCE PE subject from over 5000 miles away. This proved to be an amazing experience and made entirely possible via Elluminate and my Vroom at learning central. The session lasted for just over 40 minutes and involved a discussion and presentation of new content surrounding anti doping measures. It really was just like being in the room with them.

Some highlights included;

  • The journey on the Maglev train
  • The wonderful experience with Roy
  • Blackmarket shopping with @thecleversheep
  • Talking rubbish/brilliance with Darren Kuropatwa
  • Jess McCulloch’s Keynote
  • Chinese Karaoke with the cohort crew
  • Kim Cofinos Keynote
  • The couros brothers entertainment
  • Kevin Honeycutts Keynote and closing words
  • Shopping and Dim Sum lunch with Gail Lovely, Wes Fryer,Anne Mirtschin and Jess McCulloch
  • Dinner at Lost Heaven with the cohort crew
  • Swimming in the hotel pool
  • The workshop with the intrepidteacher 

To put it simply learning2.0 simply rocked……. and I strongly encourage everyone to consider making the trip to learning2.012 next year in Beijing. The new connections I made will ensure that the learning will continue long after the conference has finished.

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