Earlier on in the year I blogged about my intention to use Facebook as a means of teaching and connecting with my students in VCE Physical Education. My initial expectations on how successful it would be were quite small and as a result I have certainly been completely blown away by  how it has turned out, with over 700 students signing up to use the page in the last 6 months.

Heres how the page has been used to date

  1.  As a directory for discussion and clarification on content/practices within the subject
  2.  As a repository for the VCE PE podcast links which are all playable from within Facebook
  3.  As a place to share the latest VCE PE videos from YouTube surrounding all aspects of the course
  4. As a place to share the latest news and research relating to the course including content direct from social media
  5. For competitions surrounding aspects of the training program with students winning iPod accessories and free ‘apps‘ for use within their training
  6. For spontaneous teachable moments thanks to the integrated Ustream.tv account

……..and finally for the end of year examination revision lectures which will take place within Elluminate 

With the following in mind, its very clear to me that teaching via Facebook is a really good tool for integrating web based media into your course. It is without a doubt something that all teachers need to consider. Will I do it next year?