Podcasting in PE

For years I have been keen to utilise podcasting to teach the theoretical aspects of the PE curriculum, however, lacked a class that was suited to this form of delivery. This was a limiting problem, until I received Year 12 Physical Education this year which is perfect given its mix of practical activity and sports science theory. The following is a collection of websites, software and services I use to produce the episodes of the VCE Physical Education podcast.

1.  Audacity  – Utilise this free Mac/Windows software to complete your recordings and editing along with your publishing of the audio files on completion.

2. AudioBag – Purchased a number of jingles and introductory sounds for use within the Podcast to give it a more professional sound. Paying for audio snippets isn’t entirely necessary, as many free jingles can be found on a number of websites.

3. The Levelator – A free program that you use to remove the irregular highs and lows automatically from audio files. Simply drop the file onto the program icon to begin the process.

3. Podomatic – The free podcast hosting website that also allows you to add your Podcast to the iTunes directory. Free accounts provide users with 1gb of bandwidth, which might be ok depending on the amount of traffic you expect to gain.

So there you have it, podcasting is a truly simple and highly effective method of producing content for your students. It also allows you to “FLIP” the classroom by having students complete pre lesson lectures for homework and then using class time to tackle more hands on learning activities.

So how could you use podcasting? Would your students appreciate being able to review content as often as they like?

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