This weekend my students will be engaging in a major piece of data collection when they complete an activity analysis during a senior A grade netball game. The data they compile from the activity will in many ways assist them in identifying the underlying requirements of the game.

In the past collating detailed information during an activity analysis was very difficult and pretty much out of the realm of possibility for students. However with the advent of multiple technologies my students will be exploring and recording activity with increased efficiency, simplicity  and reliability. Heres how “they” will be making this happen on the weekend.

1)  Two video cameras will be mounted to tripods and will be recording in high-definition capturing the movement of two players. The camera will follow these players for the entire duration of the game, allowing us to explore in detail exactly what happens to that player. One of the players will be playing in the center position, the other will be in Goal Attack (scoring the goals) The video camera will also be connected to a laptop and running TimeWarp software allowing for live tagging of important tactical events

2) The two students will be wearing HR monitors, with student recorders on the sideline recording the Heart Rate Profile of the students from the watch over the duration of the game. This will involve them writing down the HR reading every 10 seconds and graphing post activity.

3) The two students will also be wearing GPS units attached to the HR strap that will record the duration, speed and distance across the duration of the game.

4) Post activity the students will be utilising the video recording to complete a skills frequency table using the very simple FREE EasyTag application for the iPod/iPhone which allows for quick and efficient statistical recording.

5) Post activity the students will also watch the video recording to determine a work to rest ratio using the FREE  TimeMotion application for the iPod/iPhone which allows for analysis of movement data against time.

Now the point of all this recording is to expose students to the idea of an activity analysis as the springboard from which a training program develops. It will also help pull together a lot of the theoretical content we have covered including energy systems, recovery, fatigue and training principles.However with all this in mind, the exciting thing for me is that I wont even be there on the weekend and to me this reflects exactly how simple technology has become. Technology has made a task that was once only possible in elite sport, completely accessible to those learning the game.

It has made the impossible…..possible.

Update: Check out the video to see some of the data collected by my students during the analysis