Teaching in High Definition

Teaching students how to use a compass to navigate has always been a difficult task. The reason being is that even if students had access to their own personal compass they needed a clear demonstration by the teacher before they were able to grasp the concept. Students tend to pick it up well during one-to-one instruction, however with large classes this can prove timely and may arise in students becoming disengaged. The other problem was that with a class group it is difficult to present to a large group at once, given that a compass is small and not a very sharable object amongst the masses. Well that was the case,  until now….enter the HUE HD Webcam

Today my year 7 students (13 year olds) were learning how to navigate using the cardinal points so we can participate in an orienteering running race. To ensure that all students had access to a really easy to see, clear demonstration I did the following.

  1. Connect a HD Hue Webcam to my computer
  2. Run the AMCAP software bundled with the camera which sets up a live stream from the webcam
  3. Turn on an interactive whiteboard and enlarge the live video stream to full size
  4. Complete the demonstrations with the compass in full HD on a 70 inch plus screen for all students to see and replicate.

This basically meant that as a teacher, I didn’t have to struggle to hold the compass in a more viewable manner, meaning that my demonstration was ultimately much clearer and easier to follow.

So how might I use this in the future?

  • Explore models of hearts, muscles, bones, lungs etc
  • During Science experiments
  • Within home economics cooking demonstrations.

How have you used a similar technology to improve your demonstrations? Share your experiences in the comment box below

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