Video Tagging With TimeWarp

Today I had the absolute pleasure of using the new updated Timewarp 4.0 software for the process of video tagging. In the video below, I explain just how easy it is to use and how the guys at Siliconcoach are providing PE teachers and sports coaches with incredibly powerful learning tools that are bound to improve performance. A MUST HAVE!!!

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How could you use this in Phys Ed? how about other subject areas?



3 thoughts on “Video Tagging With TimeWarp”

  1. Hi Mr. Robinson.

    My name is Samantha, and I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. Although I am unfamiliar with TimeWarp 4.0, after watching your video I can see just how beneficial it could be in any classroom (especially in Physical Education) and/or on a sports field. I found the “tagging” part to be the most intriguing; I could see coaches using this to demonstrate plays, runs, stretches, etc. and teachers using it for just about anything. I will definitely become more familiar with this program. Thank you for sharing! Feel free to visit my blog at or on Twitter at @flemingsamantha.

  2. Mr. Robinson
    My name is Whitney Greer and I am currently enrolled in EDM 310 at the Univeristy of South Alabama. As a class assignment Dr. Strange recommended us to your blog! I started this computer class with little knowlegde on the new things happening around me and watching your video post was very informative. I feel that using this within the Physical Eduation programs could become a postive thing. Students can then watch demonstrations and learn from those by seeing it done hands on, as well as their teachers can record them and the students can see themselves and see where changes need to be made..Genius! I thank you greatly for sharing this post with our class! Please feel free to visit my class blog to check out what we have going on!Whitney’s Blog
    twitter @whitneygreer34

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