After owning a iPhone for the last year, I believe I have developed quite a good idea of the amazing things that it can do to the point that even as new applications are available, I am beginning to not find them as impressive as I once did. However, today I stumbled across an app that made me return to my initial hype for the phone (also available for android).

The application is called ‘Instant Heart Rate‘ and it does exactly what is says, with an impressive level of accuracy. Instant Heart Rate is the most accurate heart rate monitor app for iPhone and its impressive as it does not need any external hardware.

To make it work you simply place your finger gently over the iPhone camera and hold it steady for at least 10 seconds. The application will work by tracking your changes in the light that passes through your finger, turning this information into an appropriate BPM. See the video below.

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So how could I use this in class?

  • To promote discussion about vasodilation/vasoconstriction
  • To discuss the benefits of working within exercise zones for improved fitness
  • Improve understanding of the objective measures of physical activity

How could you use it?

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