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Recently I have been hooked with the online website catch of the day and on one particular day I stumbled across a pocket projector that was being sold for $299 (normally $599).  After a bit of thinking about how I could use it in my classes, I decided to purchase it for use in 2011. In the past Ive been very skeptical with the quality of pocket projectors but was actually blown away by how well the Uniden one actually worked. (See Below)

So anyway how do I plan to use it?

  1. Connect it to my iPhone during practical sessions and access YouTube to show how an elite performer would complete a skill/action.
  2. Record footage of students during games or activities and instantly review it in front of the whole class post game
  3. Use it to project a document or presentation to the whole class during practical laboratory activities. This gives students the opportunity to review and discuss questions relating to the activity they are completing.
  4. Couple it with Google Docs and HR data (see graphing on the go) to show a graphical representation of physical activity without having to leave the gymnasium.

The benefit of using a pocket projector such as this is that it is super simple to setup and operate, its battery powered meaning you do not need to be near a power point and that your entire class does not need to crowd around to view a tiny iPhone sized screen.

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5 thoughts on “Projections in 2011”

  1. Love the look of this and some great ideas to go with it. Another bit of tech to try and get school to invest in I think! Thanks for the post

  2. You make a great point, it may not work exceptionally well in bright lights, however this then means its like any other tool in a teachers toolkit. Its up to us to decide when and how it is useful and then use something more appropriate for fluorescent lighting. My intention is to not have the pocket projector used during every session, I think its best if we vary our approaches from activity to activity.

  3. I had exactly the same thought. I found a 3M mini projector. I bought it but it was useless. Far too dim to be of use.

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