After posting recently about setting up an instant replay within one of my classes I was contacted by Silicon Coach offering me the opportunity to trial their amazing web-based software ‘The Zone’.

On first impression all I could say was WOW!!! (try it out for yourself below)

The Zone allows teachers and sports coaches the ability  to analyse videos in a completely online web-based/no software required environment.

Not only does ‘The Zone’ offer the ability to analyse video in a multitude of ways, but it also hosts an ever-growing series of lessons which include downloadable worksheets and all you need to explore areas such as Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy.

To top it all off teachers can develop their own classes within the site, where students can then be assigned work based on their own video recordings. This work can then be easily submitted within the website, allowing for grading and analysis.

As the new term approaches, I will be using this website extensively within my year 10 Physical Education class as we make the leap into improving our sports performance by applying key biomechanical theories. This website will allow each of my students the ability to enhance their sports performance within a variety of sports.

Some of the ways I plan to use it include

  • Within archery to teach about the relationship between height, speed and angle of release
  • Within badminton to teach about how the length of levers affect overall speed and control
  • Within Golf to help students reach the ideal swing through comparison with elite golfers
  • To explain Newtons Laws within all sporting activities
  • To teach about balance and stability within sport

So enough from me,  feel free to try it out for yourself as a guest and if you have any ideas how you might be able to use it, feel free to let me know below.