Am I Missing Out???

I present to you a video from the 2009 presentation night at Boort Secondary College. After setting up examples of students work, I was struck with a thought…..Am I missing out??

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Please let me know what you think of the issue.

4 thoughts on “Am I Missing Out???”

  1. It’s an interesting issue. As a eacher that has gone 1:1 this year the lack of filled exercise books or physical displays can sometimes make me inadequate but then we but then I remember the fantastic work my kids are doing and I get over it!

  2. We live in a transitional world. The “artefacts” that mean the most to the parents of our students are quite often the artefacts that they would recognise as quality products of education. PE doesn’t largely lend itself to artefacts, but more to images. Photos and video of performance, students at work, working together, made by the students are valid representations of what we do. Once our parents transition from 20th century images of education to the 21st century, then the role of blogs, wikis and other online environments that reflect the skills and understandings the kids have built will become more meaningful.

  3. What a great hands on example of the fact that ICT is a tool. While it’s very rewarding for students to have their work displayed here and instilling a great sense of pride and achievement. That feeling is something that students will hold for the rest of their lives. Can ICT compete with that? I say yes and no. Yes for all the reasons that we use ICT and no because our parents, uncles and grandparents don’t see the work and learning in front of them like a pin cushion. Tough ask. Maybe the 3 dimensional objects are 1 dimensional learning and the 1 dimensional ICT stuff is 3 dimensional learning?

  4. You have made a good point, Jarrod, weighing up the merits of physical vs digital work. I do, however, think that you run the risk of selling your kids short if the only work they complete is online or computer based. ICT is one of many tools that should be used throughout the year. You also have to think about what message it sends to kids about the worth of work that is not digital.

    This is not having a go at you as I see that you do fantastic things inside and outside of the classroom. I just think that it’s too simplistic an argument to suggest that it’s one or the other, or indeed that posters et al are 20th century learning and embracing ICT is 21st century learning.

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