Blending It Up

If you have read this blog before you would be familiar with my undeniable support for the use of technology within Physical Education, after all, this is the entire purpose of this blog. However today for the first time in a loooong time I taught an entire 7 period day in the outdoors teaching a variety of sports and sports specific skills. The kids  in all classes  absolutely enjoyed their day and were smiling, laughing and bonding as a team while developing their own skills. This very fact reminds me that regardless of how exciting new technologies are, we can never replace the need for actual physical activity in our lives. Inspiring kids to participate in sport for life is the reason I became a Phys Ed teacher, and as we know technology can easily get in the way of this.

So is this the end of my blog????

Absolutely not!!! The argument here is that Physical Education needs to remain blended.

3 thoughts on “Blending It Up”

  1. The challenge is finding a way for students to love activity more than they love their video games, tv, or whatever else they might be into. Great work getting them outside and having a fun day!

  2. Good call, and I most definitely agree. For me the purpose of blending is to provide a learning environment that encourages understanding and participation in physical activity. Glad you enjoyed “getting back on the horse”

  3. Spot on! We must not take the physical out of physical education with our use of technology but think of creative ways for using it to enhance student learning and their learning experiences.

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