Two Essential iPhone Apps for Phys Ed Teachers

If you don’t already have an iPhone and you are a teacher, then these are nearly reason enough to go out and get one. Although they are relatively simple, they are two of the essential apps I use all the time during my classes.

The first is the Attendance App РThis is essential in that as  Phys Ed teacher I spend most of my time teaching outside or within the Gymnasium. This means that the last thing I want to do is carry around a teachers chronicle to record student attendance. This app makes it super easy to record my students attendance quickly and easily no matter where I am. The added bonus is the extensive reports that you can produce on overall or individual student attendance.

The second is the Gradepad App – This lets me easy assess student performance within sessions quickly and easily. What you do is add you students and then assign assessments to those students. The app lets you customise the assessment to suit your own needs. As I use it within my sports classes, I use it to assess things such as teamwork and other interpersonal skills. With the student and assessment selected you can simpy adjust the sliding rubric to determine your overall result (see below). A simply fantastic mobile way to assess your students while observing them participating within sporting events or classroom activity.

8 thoughts on “Two Essential iPhone Apps for Phys Ed Teachers”

  1. Is there an easy place to go find out how to use the gradepad app? I also use documents to go app to keep a lot of my data between my laptop and my itouch. It is an easy way to keep track of things in class and then have it transferred back to your computer.

  2. educate is also another great one.

    allows for the use of a timetable, attendance and grade recording

  3. Love the gradepad app. I use it in my classroom to assess groupwork on big projects in class. It also helps me to model to my students that my itouch can be used as a teaching/learning tool rather than just another entertainment device.

  4. Some great apps mentioned in the post and comments. I’ve used a few and have been concerned when I could not extract the data from the app in a useable fashion (eg. csv). I’ve found myself moving back to my own docs within Documents 2. But aside from all this having the ability to record and retrieve information such as attendance, effort and achievement is certainly useful.

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