More Than A Boring Piece Of Paper

As my students are now very familiar with QR codes I have decided to integrate a very simple addition to my worksheets. To put it simply I have started inserting QR codes. Basically the QR code can be scanned to reveal extra information about the worksheet . For example a QR code could easily link to hidden text, a video on youtube, an automated SMS message, audio, pictures or any website you deem relevant to the worksheet. The best thing about it is the process of creating QR codes is very very simple making it all to easy to make your worksheets much more than a piece of paper. Here is how you do it.

  1. When creating a worksheet, leave a spot for a QR Code
  2. Visit a QR code generating website such as
  3. Enter your desired information into the template and select ‘generate’
  4. The QR code will quickly be generated and you can then copy and paste the code onto your worksheets



At this point it is up to the students to scan the code, which will then link to the content you have entered into the QR code, which could indeed be anything you like. No matter what you decided to include within the QR code, this idea makes it all too easy for you to extend a worksheet far beyond what is nothing more than a boring piece of paper.

12 thoughts on “More Than A Boring Piece Of Paper”

  1. Great idea and definitely one for engaging kids. I’m assuming you have a high “buy in” factor from the kids? How well equipped do the kids have to be to read the codes with their phones? Do they need “bells and whistles” handsets?

  2. Nice idea Jarrod! Paper and pencil can indeed be interactive! I’ll be sharing this idea with staff next week… Folks who haven’t even heard of QR codes. 😉

  3. This may be a really dumb question, but here goes. What is the advantage to using a QR code on a worksheet you hand out as opposed to putting the information up on a class website?

  4. I’m considering adding a general QR decoder to my project/product Right now it only really decodes snapmyinfo specific QRcodes, but I’m thinking a general decoder (maybe with a plug for snapmyinfo in it 🙂 ) might be useful to the general public. Sounds like your students might benefit from it (it’s basically application-less QRcode decoding using cell phone pics and email). My original goal was to make QRcodes more accessible (less need to download and install special apps, etc…) What do you think?

  5. Not a dumb question at all. Ultimately they would do the same thing, however by using a QR Code you have a few powerful advantages. The first is the speed at which the students could access the information directly from the code without having to enter in any URL’s or websites. Second is the fact that a QR code can be scaned with a generic mobile phone meaning that the information can be read no matter where you are. Imagine being in the outdoors where you find a code on a famous landmark, you take out your phone and scan it to reveal a youtube video created by your students providing information about that place.
    These are just some of the advantages. Think of QR Codes as a way to link the physical world with the digital world in a very very simple and straightforward manner. The QR code can also do much more than simply link to a URL, for example it can also hide over 4000 text based characters within a code or generate an SMS response with a pre determined phone number, making it very easy for people to scan and send a message without having to worry about entering the number into their phone.

  6. Now, I get it, thanks! I’m imagine you could do a scavenger hunt with the clues being left on signs with QR Codes. It’s got me thinking.

  7. Its funny should mention that as It was also my first idea I had with QR Codes. I simply set up a scavenger hunt around our town that had the students scan codes to reveal GPS co-ordinates, they simply loved it. A couple of the other things Ive tried have been using it to teach the skeletal system and as a kinesthetic reading adventure.

    You can find the blog for it

    One of my other ideas is based in the library with QR codes affixed to the back of books to give students a really quick student review of that book. Will let you know when I finally get around to making a video to demonstrate it.

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