How I Teach When I’m Away From Class

Today I attended a conference in Melbourne and as a result had to leave work for students to complete back at school. Usually this is a major effort and much harder than actually teaching the class, but I’ve decided to start utilising Youtube to make the teaching of lessons much easier when I’m away for both the replacement teacher and my students. So here’s the video from today.

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So next time you have to leave your class, why not make a quick video explaining the session. The replacement teachers will certainly thankyou and I’m positive the students will think it’s pretty cool

9 thoughts on “How I Teach When I’m Away From Class”

  1. Hey John, it really is such a simple idea. All in all it took me no more than 5minutes to film, and post the video to youtube. I then sent an email to the staff member who would be taking the replacement lesson.

    In terms of equipment I used one of the Flip Video Cameras. This will certainly have a permanent place in any of my classes I will miss in the future

  2. Hey Jarrod!

    What a fantastic and totally achievable idea for any teacher!

    Can you give us a breakdown on the equipment you used? Video Camera, digital camera w/video, cellphone?



  3. Hey there
    loved your youtube idea…just an observation that some of the teachers here using technology – specifically youtube- have discovered. Once your clip has played, the catalogue of other viewing options that scrolls along the bottom doesn’t always have student appropriate content in it.
    For example after I viewed your clip it then gave me the option to view Bisexual Pedo Bingo ?!?!? Mego Sexy Melissa hot sexy Lesbian kissing XXX (again ?!?!?)
    I’m not sure how these random clips that I am sure are not associated in any way to what you are putting up, get chosen but as teachers we must beware.
    Sorry to sound sanctimonious but these damned inappropriate content rubbish keep popping up just where we are trying to do the right thing ALL THE TIME. Please let me know if there is an easy way of filtering this…
    Ta AJ

  4. Thanks heaps for your comment, it certainly is a valid point. I for one dont want inappropriate content appearing on videos I have flagged for students to watch.

    One way to have this situation not occur when embedding videos is to follow the instructions below

    This will stop the recommendations from appearing after the video has completed

  5. You have so many great ideas. Anyways, long story short, I have to be away from my class for next week, so I thought I’d make a couple of videos of my own to send with the substitute so that she would have something to see. I thought it might be great to maybe link the video or embed it into a smart notebook page (or other IWB) if you happen to be using one in the class.

    Keep posting away!

    Thanks again.


  6. So mrrobbo you can not share these video’s to your students? What if i was leaving for a few days and wanted the students to see what i wanted them to do? Is there a feee service that most educational institutes would allow the streaming of these videos. youtube is blocked at our site.

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