As some of you may be aware I have finally purchased an iPhone and couldnt be happier. To put it simply they are simply amazing and certainly get me really excited about the future of mobile learning. Anyway I decided that I would try to avoid posting too much about its features given the fact that most people still don’t have one, however I couldnt pass up the opportunity to share my ideas about using it to create virtual tours. So here it is…

The idea uses the Run Keeper app which comes in both a free and pro version ($12.99 AUD). Run Keeper uses the iPhones GPS to enable users to track their outdoor activities and then have them displayed on a Google Map for review at a later stage. Not only is your path recorded but your distance, speed, pace and elevation are logged making for a powerful workout analysis.  On completion your information is automatically sent to the Runkeeper website and can also be auto shared with social networks. Anyway the feature that becomes the most important element of my idea is the ability to take geotagged pictures during your activity which are referenced to the place at which they were taken.

For a more detailed explanation check out the screencast that will take you through all of the features and share a few ideas of how it could be used in classes outside of Phys Ed and Outdoor Ed.

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Sound interesting? Check out the link to my tour of my town ‘Boort’, which includes some of the main attractions. Now we might not be at the stage where our students have iPhones, but there is no reason why schools couldnt invest in the technology. One iPhone would bring about endless possibilities with our students, including activities like this.

So what do you think? Could this be used in your classroom? How could you make a  virtual tour? What would your virtual tour be about?