There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t discover a useful/exciting website or tool. However, occasionally I come across something that gets me so excited and has the potential to become a major part of all of my teaching areas and personal life.

Today that tool is Posterous and its as simple as 3 steps……



“Wow that’s awesome” … exactly what I said and immediately fired up my email client and sent a 5mb video file to the [email protected]email address. Within minutes I had received a return email with a link to a unique website that now contained my embedded video. It was so easy and incredible that I started to add and experiment with more and more file types which is handled perfect.

Still don’t believe how easy it is to use? Well….here’s some proof.

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Today I decided to test it out within my Computer Graphics class as simply an easy way to create a digital portfolio online. I’m  also planning on having my Year 7 Physical Education class, who are busy learning complex gymnastics techniques, film a series of the key skills, label and then send them via email to posterous. If this was done week by week, students could witness the development of their physical skills across different sports. What an incredible resource this would prove to be at the end of a semester or unit of work….

So how do you think you could use it in your classroom?