One of the things that seems to hold back teachers and there efforts to podcast is indeed the hosting and distribution side which can at times prove to be a tad over the top, often requiring more than a basic level of ICT skills. Well last night, I stumbled across a simple solution that is bound to make this process much easier for teachers and students and indeed myself.

Introducing http://drop.ioa simple file storage website that requires no sign up at all. You simply choose your files in what ever format, and ‘DROP’ them to an auto generated or predetermined drop name. For example, I just recently created my own drop at which I’m using as a simple way to send class resources to a group of my teaching colleagues via email. Anway, once you create a drop you receive a number of options on how you would like to share the ‘DROP’


Now the really cool thing I noticed was the ability to create a ‘Dropcast’ which basically allows you to subscribe to changes to a ‘DROP’ within iTunes. This means that you could use to store audio and videoes created by you or your students and then have iTunes  and your subscription automatically download any changes made to the drop, to your computer and iPod.  Too Easy…..

The best thing about using for podcast storage and distribution is that it can be achieved in as little as 5  steps.

  • Create a ‘Drop’ at (Choose your Drop name or have it auto generated)
  • Upload files of any format and type to your drop
  • Select the ‘Share’ option from witin your drop and then select ‘Dropcast’ 
  •  Itunes will automatically load and include the Drop in your list of podcast subscriptions
  • Have another episode or file to add? Just return to your unique drop address and upload more files

Podcast hosting couldn’t be easier with and that’s just the start of what this nifty little service has to offer to our classrooms. Have you used before? If so, feel free to  let me know how below.