In an earlier post I mentioned a website that allowed you to to easily and quickly create multiple choice quizzes and then complete them on mobile devices such as cell phones. The website is super simple to use and takes you through step by step to create your quiz. On completion you get a series of ways in which you can download and install the quiz on your cell phone.



 Once the test has been installed you will be able to complete it from your phone and have the results sent to quiz creator. Heres how it all works below.

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The team over at have listened to some of my comments and have introduced a couple of changes that have really improved the service they offer. The first is the fact that you can now create multiple choice questions that have more than a couple of words for the answer, meaning that you can now cater for a much larger variety of questions. The second is the removal of the automatic randomize feature during test creation, that means you can now safely include questions that have all of the above or similar formats for the answers. Add to this, the improvements in the formatting and colour schemes and you have a high quality test that makes it very easy to study anywhere. Thanks mobilestudy, my students are really enjoying this new version of your service by both creating and completing tests. 

It really does make it possible to study on the go…