Its exam time at the moment and my students are busy studying up and asking all sorts of questions like, what format is the exam, how many pages is it etc.  So with this in mind I decided torun an online revision session for my VCE Physical Education class using Tiny Chat.

Tiny chat has recently undergone a makeover and is now able to run audio, video and screen sharing all from within the chat window which requires no sign up. Simply click the button and it generates a room for you and then gives you options on how you want to invite others. The easiest way to invite people is by sharing the unique URL with your intended audience. In my case I used SMS Express to send an text message to my students containing the URL of the meeting and the time at which I would be available for questions.  


The time soon arrived and to my suprise all of the members of my class were in the room. This gave us a great opportunity to review some of the key content and discuss any questions relating to the format of the exam. The great thing is the students didn’t need to have a webcam or microphone to participate as they can simply respond via text, which was more than fine and probably worked better than having them all using webcams.  

Before long we had notched up over an hour of question time and reviewed a large amount of key content that was to be assessed on the exam the next day, which to me was a brilliant outcome. So do I think that this revision session will improve the students exam grades? ……..Without a doubt. Tinychat rocks, check it out.

Now for the VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies revision session on Wednesday night.