Your Course In A Wordle

Recently I was desigining an opening page to the ‘How Fit Are Wii’ program. I needed something that summarised the intent of the program with a real quick snapshot. So I decided to copy the program outline into Wordle to see what it came up with.

The result was simply brilliant as it clearly emphasised the key elements of the program with words such as fitness, students, learning all appearing quite prominant. After seeing this, I decided I would do the same with my senior physical education curriculum document.  The result can be found below;

Wordle Unit Summary

Now this proved to be a really valuable exercise as it highlighted the concepts I have been spending much more of my time around this year and pointed out some of the others I would be sure to add a little bit more emphasis towards in the coming weeks. It was also refreshing to see the the word ‘learning’  appear as one of the largest letters in the wordle.

So what does wordle say about your course?

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