After a lovely break from the Internet and my computer during the holidays it is now time to get back into regular posting. As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been included in an action research program around the area of ‘Gaming for Learning’. My particular topic is on how the Nintendo Wii and the Wii Fit game can be utilised in a Physical Education class to improve student understanding of fitness. The program will also seek to help students indentify their own fitness requirements and learn about ways in which they can improve them. The students will also seek to promote physical activity by creating vodcasts and hosting parents nights.

Anyway you can probably tell through my twitter posts that I’m extremely excited about the program and thought It would be valuable to share some of exceptional Web2.0 tools that are making this program possible. Here they are;

Wetpaint– A wiki website that is super simple to setup and allows an extensive amount of customization and individuality. This tool is the basis for the entire ‘How Fit Are Wii’ program with all of the information and student records contained on it. The best part about it is that the students are contributors to the creation of the wiki.

Youtube & Vimeo – Although Youtube is my preferred choice it is blocked at school. So I utilise Vimeo for any elements of ‘How Fit Are Wii’ that need to be viewed by students.

Twitter – The key towards promoting the program and connecting with contributors from around the world. The twitter handle for the program is @howfitarewii  .  I have also embedded an RSS feed widget of the twitter stream on the website , which will be used as a way for the people to keep up with whats happening in the program.

Cover It Live – This web2.0 tool allows live blogging of an event. Basically I will run a Cover It Live session for each class that I and the students will use to post anecdotal comments about how the program is going. The session and comments can be viewed live or simply replayed at a later stage. You can find the Anecdotal Records for the sessions here

Ustream–  Ustream allows people to create their own live show. Simply use your webcam and Internet connection to run a show that can be viewed by people all over the Internet. Ustream also provides a back channel that allows people to interact with the shows. Occasionally we will run a live event showing the students completing the ‘How Fit Are Wii’ program.

Google Calendar – A way to embed a calendar on a website that can be easily updated. This will be used to highlight what the sessions are and when they will be required to submit pieces of work.

Stat Counter – A free simple stat counter that requires no embedding, perfect for tracking the visitors to the site which will help us form discussion about how a person’s  location may affect the physical activity they complete.

 Skype – Will potentially use this video conferencing tool to host virtual guest speakers who do things such as introduce new concepts or simply give the students their exercise program for the Nintendo Wii for the week.

Podbean – A podcast hosting website, simple to use and easy to setup. I will use this to co host a podcast with Tristan Mether  (Thanks Tristan for setting it up) a fellow participant in the ‘Gaming for Learning Trial’ who is utilising the Nintendo Wii in his grade 5/6 class. We will use this as a forum to discuss how the program is going and to assist others in completing something similar in their own classes.


Anyway I would love to hear about how you have managed to use some of the above tools in your own classes, so leave a comment if you have a story. I would also really appreciate people following my students involvement in the ‘How Fit Are Wii Program’.