Last month I was invited to participate in one of the Knowledge Banks Web 2.0 Collaborative Learning & Research Program action research groups. This round of trials includes 20 other participants from around the state, all of whom are looking at how gaming can be used  to improve learning. My particular focus question is as follows;

“How can students use Wii Fit to assess their own fitness levels and implement strategies in order to improve their own fitness and that of others”

Now in order to get this program up and running  I required a few additional resources, thankfully there was a  4,000 grant attached. So far I have bought; 3 X Nintendo Wii Units, 3 X Nintendo Wii Fit Games, 12 X Controllers & 4 x Flip Ultra Video Cameras.

Anyway the project will focus on teaching students a variety of different ways in which they can improve their own fitness through physical activity. The program will cover the National Physical Activity Guidelines ,with my students creating vodcasts with the Flip cameras detailing how much physical activity each age group of the community needs to complete daily. The videos and other class work will be hosted on a website I’ve setup for the program which the students will help build.  It can be found at and should prove to be a useful homebase for all of the students and the wider community. I’ve also setup a twitter account @howfitarewii which will be used to publicise the program. Second to this will be an evening session where the students bring in their parents for fitness assessment with the Nintendo Wii Fit. This will ultimately allow them to advance their own knowledge and understanding of how physical activity can improve fitness. 

To finish up I’m really excited about the 2nd term and getting this up and running in my year 8 Physical Education class come April 20th. I would also like to hear  any suggestions you have for the program and would appreciate you following the program via twitter and the website. For a further explanation on how it will all work make sure you view the video below. (Just gave me a chance to use the Flip cameras)

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