Recently I had a discussion with Ben Jones who shared with me a nifty little application called the ‘G-FORCE ANALYZER ,that turns your Nintendo Wiimote and Bluetooth enabled computer into a powerful movement analyser.

So what do I mean by analyzer? Well basically, once connected you have real time mapping of the forces and movements applied to the wiimote displayed as a continuous graph over time. Things measured include acceleration on 3 different axises, roll and pitch…perfect for studying physics and the different forces exerted on the world. The best part about this is that it is all really easy to setup. Watch the video below to find out, exactly how to set it up and a few ideas of how you could use it in your classroom. Hope you find it useful.


THIS SOFTWARE HAS SINCE BEEN UPDATED – Initial setup in video still remains the same. Only change is the software you know load. The procedure remains the same.

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