Often I get asked ‘How do you find all the cool tools that you talk about in your blog?’ Well the truth is I get them from a variety of sources including my Personal Learning Network through Twitter, Skype and through random google searches. However one of the most powerful and easy ways I find things is through RSS and my subscription to Killerstartups. Basically Killerstartups reviews 15+ Internet ‘startups’ daily giving you the choice to vote for which you think will be the next big hit or ‘killer’ as they are known. So far it has provided me with an amazing amount of new tools that I check on a daily basis, looking for anything that could potentially be used within education. A quick review of the top 10 for the month of January shows things like;

1) www.wobook.com – Wobook can be best-described as a platform that enables any writer to publish his or her own book as an interactive 3D book.

2) www.tadcast.com- A way to monetize your Youtube Clips

3) www.wikiworldbook.com – The global address book…

If your already aware of Killerstartups  then this won’t be all that helpful for you. However If you haven’t, then I suggest you subscribe via RSS and be sure to let me know when you find something useful for the classroom.