Yesterday I started setting up my online spaces for the new school year at my www.mrrobbo.comwebsite which managed to work extremely well last year. However the problem with the website was that it was more of a repository of content that I had created, allowing students to re-print worksheets, re-read instructions and download additional class material. This was fine but in order for the student’s to contribute we had to use external services which ultimately resulted in students having to remember countless login names and passwords which caused a few problems here and there.

Anyway after finding online I thought it would be perfect for my two senior classes, namely Physical Education & Outdoor Education, so I created a teacher account and started setting up my classes. Within two minutes I had both classes online, ready to take enrolments. Initially I was worried that It would be difficult for my students to learn as it was so feature heavy, however its design is really smooth and the layout just  makes perfect sense. Within the next 10 minutess I had explored the extent of the features and began to look excited to using it in 09. So click the picture below to enlarge and see what offers.


After reading the features you may very well be saying, “We already have an LMS, why would I want to use this?”. Well truthfully you may very well find it useless, however at my school we don’t have a full time computer technician who can setup and run the more well known Learning Management Systems, so this is absolutely PERFECT for my situation. Another way I could see it used is within our Personal Learning Networks. We could use it to setup an online class with all the great tutorials and resources that I see coming through my Twitter feed daily. You could also use it to run Professional Development classes in Web 2.0 for teachers from all over the world.

Given its so simple to use and it just works, there is no reason why you couldn’t introduce it into your school as the LMS. The best thing about it, is that its purely web based and requires no servers and technicians and in the push towards ‘Cloud Computing’ it seems like a logical choice for me. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out. If you have any thoughts on its use or if your using it yourself I’d love to read your comments.