On Saturday night I took my girlfriend to see ‘Wicked’ the musical for her birthday and as we were waiting in the foyer before the show I noticed a series of posters informing people to turn their bluetooth enabled devices on to  automatically receive free promotional multimedia. I thought this was really cool and as my bluetooth is set to auto receive files it wasnt long until my phone beeped and let me know I had received a video. After a little investigating I found a computer sitting behind one of the posters which got me thinking that I could possibly create one of these automatic bluetooth file servers using my own bluetooth enabled laptop.


A quick google search and I found two simple ways to create a free Bluetooth server that automatically sends specified files to devices as they become discovered. This is what I found…

BlueMarket Lite 


 Althought both these programs has been designed with marketing in mind, they could easily be used within a classroom context for all sorts of activities. Here are just a few ideas of how I could use it in a classroom.

1) As student’s walk in they receive a text file detailing the instructions for the lesson

2) Students receive by random (Can be done in Blueminer) multimedia content for all sorts of classroom activities

3) Students receive at the end of the lesson a download of the PowerPoint or the notes used throughout the class

Just a few ideas of how I could use such a really exciting technology. How do you think it could be used?