A Lesson from Activity Week?


As some of you may be aware Australian schools are almost over for 2008 and during the last week  at our school, like many other schools, we run a modified activiyty program for the remaining year 7, 8 & 9 students. Anyway I had to chuckle to myself today when a staff member from my school said ‘Why can’t we have Activity week all the time? My kids were brilliant today and really engaged with the task’. Now I shouldnt be laughing but I found this to be quite funny because this particular teacher has had lots of trouble within their classes throughout the year.

This teacher, lets call them Teacher B, is by a longshot the most traditional teacher we have at our school, who struggles to read an email and shoots down any ICT based professional development with statements like ‘Ohh not another computer session’ and ‘is there a who cares column?’. The session Teacher B choose to run was by no means of a digital format but all the same the kids were right into it. So why did I find this funny? Well it proves a point and highlights just how our students think in the 21st century.

The truth is, if Teacher B gave themselves a chance to learn a few quick and easy ways of integrating ICT in their lessons, then they may in fact be finishing everyday with similar statements about their classes. One thing I know for sure is that the student’s would be thankful

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  1. Interesting post, Mr Robbo, thanks for sharing. Sounds like Teacher B had a real win with their class today – what strikes me is that it didn’t involve technology.

    What I worry is that so many people think that 21st century teaching and learning HAS to integrate some digital element when that’s simply not true. It’s not about the technology, it’s about the pedagogy.

    What if instead of pushing Teacher B beyond their comfort zone by insisting they figure out technology immediately, we supported them towards an adaptation of their teaching practice (at first without technology)? Everyone’s journey with ICTs and digital pedagogy is different and we have to accept that. Forcing technology down teachers’ throats doesn’t work – well not for all. Some need to be coaxed, cajoled and fuly supported.

    I wonder what Teacher B did differently with their activity group today? Is there something in what they achieved today that can carried through into the future? Is this their chance to look at new ways of TEACHING, not necessarily with technology.

    Right, that’s me done…sorry – you hit a chord.


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