7 Things You Don’t Need To Know About Me

This morning via Twitter I was tagged by thecleversheep to respond to his blog post of the exact same name to share with him ‘7 things  you don’t need to know about me’. The idea behind such an exercise was to deepen the connections amongst my virtual colleagues, as after all, they are REAL people.  So here it is and im also going to tag another 7 from my own Personal Learning Network as I would like to learn more about them.



1)  Throughout Primary & High School I competed in Track & Field and wound up running in the 400m on numerous occasions at the National Championships.

2) I was born on February 3rd 1986, my mothers 21st Birthday.

3) I almost failed year 10 at high school, only to realise that I wanted to be a PE teacher came back and received an academic award in year 11.

4)Im training to run in a half marathon some time in 2009.

5) I once worked at a chicken farm sweeping up manure and after 4 days received an offer to be the manager, however I declined and quit.

6) I listen to old school hip hop and despise the rap that exists today

7) I can solve a rubiks cube in less than 40 seconds and solve two at the same time in each hand in under 3 minutes

So you don’t need to be tagged to participate but I will however elect another 7 people. Lets see the power of a Personal Learning Network in action. Here are my 7.

Nic Mobbs

Lucy Barrow

Andrew Douch

Chris Betcher

Sue Waters

Amanda Marinnan

Helen Otway

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