Cheating in the Coffee Shop…A lesson?


A couple of days ago I was in a Coffee Shop buying a foccacia (I don’t drink coffee) and while I was waiting I noticed a blackboard that had mystery song lyrics written upon it. The challenge was that if you could guess the lyrics you would get a free stamp on your loyalty card. Now I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable with song lyrics but I simply had no idea what these were. I reached into my pocket and brought out my mobile phone, a quick google search of the lyrics and I had the answer before my foccacia had even reached my plate.

So what does this mean for teachers and students? Well we now have the possibility to access information anywhere, anytime simply from our mobile phones. In this case knowledge was given a back seat to the ability to seek out useful information. These are the skills we need to be teaching in our classes.

Whether we choose to use these devices in our classes, well thats up to us, but one things for sure our students WILL be using them in their own lives. We can’t afford not to embrace this opportunity.

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