Last Night I stumbled across a fantastic little mobile tool called Qipit. Now I’ve talked before about tools that have instantly got me thinking about the possibilities they present for classroom use, but this one takes the cake. So what does it let you do? Well say for instance you only have a hard copy of a particular document or you have just drawn a fantastic mind map on the white board in one of your classes, or maybe  one of your students has just handwritten an excellent story that you want to share……  Well simply take out your mobile phone and take a picture using its digital camera, send a copy to [email protected] and your picture will be converted into a crisp, clean, electronic PDF file that you can fax, email and store right from your mobile phone.

So why do I find this exciting? Well think of the possibilities within a classroom, you could digitally record copies of the white board before rubbing it off, take a snapshot of a students work and store it within a digital portfolio, covert old resources taking up valuable space into digital archives for quick and easy reference. Best of all it can be all done completely from your mobile phone. Imagine creating an on the fly worksheet while taking your class on an excursion to the zoo. Better still the kids could use their own phones to create digital records of all text they discovered while on the trip. It would be like having a scanner in your pocket except it would be truly mobile and highly flexible and  least I forget, super cool.

What a truly unique and exciting tool, how else do you think you could use it?